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new rubbers

Besides our rirst rubber PROJECT12 we have now finally released our two new offensive rubbers: PROJECT16 and PROJECT16ST.

It took us a very long time to find the right material and we are very proud of the result: two high-quality rubbers with 3 different kind of sponges e.g. 3 different hardness levels - which have a very soft ball contact due to a special glueing technique.
The sponges and rubber surfaces are exclusively produced in China for SOULSPIN and are like P12 all glued by hand here in our workshop using our unique SPOT-GLEUING-TECHNOLOGY.

Comparing our rubbers

Offensive Tischtennis-Belaege im Vergleich

All Rubbers are glued by hand here in our workshop and are subsequently packaged under pressure in our air-tight COCOON packaging - as a result they stay fresh as on the first day after production and keep their playing characteristics at 100%.